Founded in 2007., Saurus is an architectural studio for home improvement of ordinary people striving to incorporate the largest possible number of influences without exceptions and thus achieve maximum number of solved problems that are integrated into a harmonic whole. We do not observe architecture as a fashion trend. Our every solution is based on the context and on classic, timeless values, founded on the nature of things.

Confirmation that we are on the right path, and encouragement to continue, was received at the very beginning from the estemed professors of the Architectural Faculty in Belgrade who awarded us with prizes on three separate anonymous domestic competitions.

We have a great number of projects behind us, mostly carried out. Projects vary from upgrades, reconstructions, interior, family house projects, residential – business objects, to larger residential complexes, commercial and tourist facilities, public areas and squares. Thereby, the goal was never quantity, but quality.

Architectural studio Saurus offers services of designing all technical documents that are necessary for construction, validation – legalization of existing objects, helping in selection and urbanistic analysis of the location, lot and preparation of the documents, joint work with end users, supervision and advisory support throughout the entire process that leads towards moving in.

Each object is first „constructed“ in the virtual reality of spatial information model, which reduces the number of mistakes in synchronization of project parts to a minimum and significantly contributes to a clearer communication, with the investor as well as with end users through visualizations and presentations, apartment catalogues, interior solutions, etc.


Đevđelijska 14, Beograd
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Bul. Kralja Aleksandra 274
Tel. +381 65 47 43 024


Srđan Tomić pr Arhitektonski studio Saurus duo
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Saveznička 8 Aranđelovac
Tel. +381 65 47 43 024

Srđan Tomić
+381 65 474 30 24

Jelena Tomić
Architect urbanist
+381 65 558 23 61

Marko Ranđelović
+265 888 071 615

Miroslav Kočmaruk
BA Electrical Engeneering
Prva nagrada za gradski

Prva nagrada i glavni projekat
Konkursno rešenje trga u Beočinu u organizaciji Lafarge BFC d.o.o. 2009. Članovi žirija bili su predsednik žirija Bogdan Cvejić, “Lafaržov” arhitekta iz Pariza Leopold Lombard, profesor Arhitektonskog fakulteta u Beogradu Zoran Lazović.
Nagrada na konkursu za japansku česmu Beograd

Treća nagrada
Konkursno rešenje na temu Japanska česma na Kalemegdanu u organizaciji GSP Beograd 2010. Predsednik žirija konkursa Branislav Mitrović, ,redovni profesor Arhitektonskog fakulteta.
Nagrađeni arhitektonski projekat za pijacu senjak

Treća povišena nagrada
Konkursno rešenje objekta pijace Senjak sa podzemnom garažom i javnih površina 2010. Predsednik žirija konkursa Vasilije Milunović, redovni profesor Arhitektonskog fakulteta.